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HTB Business CTF 2023: Langmon

This challenge from the competition was a “fullpwn“, which essentially meant it was a traditional Hack The Box challenge which required you to get both the user and root flags. This one was graded as “very easy” and for once I’d agree with that. The box was running a web […]

HTB: OpenSource

OpenSource is an ‘easy’ recent box that I started just as it was coming to the end of its time in the Release Arena. It took me a while longer than I would have liked. So long in fact, it had dropped into the regular area with a different IP […]

Hack The Box: Late

Around a decade or so ago Chris Tarrant used to be the host of a show called Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? shown on ITV in the UK. This show has become a franchise sold worldwide, so wherever you are reading this, you’ve probably seen an incarnation on your […]

Hack The Box: Paper

It’s been a few months since we popped a shell on Hack The Box. I didn’t fancy a migraine today though, so it’s just an easy box we’re going after. Starting with some basic enumeration, I ran nmap which never seemed to complete for some reason. I wasn’t really waiting […]

Hack The Box: Dynstr

After hitting a couple of the discrete challenges recently, it was time to get back to full pwnership. This medium rated box was the dish of the day. Where would be without a quick nmap to see the attack surface. Here’s a slightly snipped version of what was returned. Being […]